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All about Clone Iron Golf Clubs

Golf equipment has traditionally been very expensive. Indeed, many wannabe golf players are put off by the entry costs into what is seen to be a rich man’s sport. The big manufacturers are happy to keep this image and their cartel like activity of keeping golf as a premium sport allows them to make huge mark ups on their premium priced products.

Luckily, me and you can now go down to the local golf store and, instead of shelling out over 2000 bucks for a single iron, we need only spend as low as 100 in some cases. But surely these clones are not as good? A clone golf club is a golf club that is nearly the same as its more expensive counterpart. In fact, they are even sold in this way and not hiding this fact.

For example, on a typical website selling clones I have found a club saying it is “similar to Callaway X-20 Irons”. These clones are selling at $300. The real deal original irons cost over $1000! And the clones play almost as well as the real deal.

As you can see, clones are a great way for amateurs to play with very similar equipment to the pros, without breaking the bank balance. And it’s not just irons that you can buy. The whole range of golf clubs from woods to wedges, putters and even hybrids are cloned. And the best thing is that they are 100% legal.