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Become a Sports Coach

Coaching Programmes

Some top sports clubs run a coaching development programme in which candidates apply for a place and depending on which programme, either the club pay for none, some or all of your coaching qualifications. Along with this, these courses normally include some sort of academic qualification and offer you a team whom you are expected to coach. The majority of these courses are for either college or university students who want to continue their education but also want to work within sport.

These coaching programmes provide you with an opportunity to progress towards the top tier of the coaching structure as you are learning on the job however they are very rare and clubs may only offer this to one or two places a year. More than likely you will have to pay to join the programme but could pay off in the long term.

Independently complete a National Governing Body coaching course.

This is a very common way to get into coaching. Most National Governing Bodies arrange and run their own coaching courses and to coach in that sport, you need to have a certain coaching certificate. For example, if you want to become a football coach, you must have a level 1 certificate in coaching football, once you have this, you can then work as an assistant coach at a football club. To become a club coach or more, you have to complete the correct coaching award in that sport.

This method ensures that you are qualified to coach however by completing the courses does not mean you will have a job immediately. You will then need to search for coaching jobs or complete the methods above. You can find this information on the National Governing Bodies websites.