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Is the Spinner Craze Helping or Hurting?

It seems that every year or so a manufacturer comes out with a new toy that captures the imagination of the public, and 2017 is no exception. Fidget spinners are all the rage among children and even some adults. They do nothing but spin and look pretty, yet millions have been sold. However, not everyone loves the small devices, and opinions vary widely about whether they offer more help or harm.

The Idea Behind the Spinners

One of the most interesting things about the spinners is that they are, essentially, useless machines that work with little or no effort. Each includes two or three prongs and a round center pad. Spinners can be made of various materials, including ceramic and metal. The user holds the pad and the device spins, creating a repetitious movement and colorful effect.

There Are Downsides to the Craze

Since spinners have been essentially marketed to children, millions of parents bought the popular toys as gifts. Kids quickly became fascinated with their toys to the point that many were taking them to school and playing with them in class. Eventually, teachers began complaining that the devices are distracting pupils from learning. Some schools have even banned spinners. Kids have also been injured when they swallowed parts, which can contain lead. In fact, Germany confiscated and destroyed many spinners in an effort to protect children.

Some Surprising Spinner Upsides

Despite the negative publicity, some professionals believe the toys can have a positive impact on kids. They argue that the repetitive motion can help children re-focus during play times. The idea is based on the principle that the mindless activity provides a mental break. Even some adults defend the devices as ideal relaxation tools. Some professionals who specialize in issues like ADHD feel that spinners allow their students to burn mental energy, which contributes to positive behavior. However, even fans admit that the toys may not work for everyone since each person is different.

The colorful spinners that have taken the toy world by storm are designed to provide mindless, effortless fun. The devices do have drawbacks, which include distracting kids while they are learning. However, some parents and teachers feel the mindless distraction can help kids refocus their mental activity.